Notes about Parrotlets

15 Nov

Parrotlets are the young parrot that has very few days from when they were hatched.  Parrotlets are tiny creatures that with a range of five to six inches after they are hatched before grow to a full adult.  Total body weight of a young parrot is twenty-eight grams after it is hatched.  A parrot is one of the birds that people have reared over the time as pet birds.  Amongst the birds that people are keeping as pets a parrot is another that many people are continually being used to and willing to rear them. 

An Xtreem Parrotlets is a bird that many people admire as it can be prepared to do specific tasks in the mixture.  When there is an intruder in the mixture a parrot will quickly notice and based on the training it is given by the owner they can notify them.  These birds are hard to understand, and therefore many people have little knowledge about them.  The Principal thing to make a person understand the role of a parrot is by being close to it at all the times. 

An Xtreem Parrotlets make the compound of the owner look beautiful by the colors and also ensure that the owner is happy for owning them.  The different colored parrots only serve to show the very different types of parrots that are there in the world.  In many instances you find that some of the parrot birds are very hard to find and rare in the world while others are easily found .  Parrotlets are not easy to find but when it comes to the Pacific species it is a bird that can be seen and identified easily. 

We have some other parrot species that are reared by people namely the pale rump, the blue wing and the yellow face parrot.  Among the species of the parrot the rarest and the most expensive is the yellow face.  Naturally parrots like playing very much which is attributed to the appetite that they have for food.  These birds are nutcrackers that need to exercise their bodies using the nuts given to them by their owners as part of their food. 

When one is feeding a mature parrot they are keen to note that they feed on less food as compared to the young parrots.  When people are feeding the parrots they should know that it doesn't require too much sugar in its diet and hence avoid that kind of foods and also alcoholic food.  These birds are very much sense, and more often they require the attention of the owner so that they are well trained.  Although they look very humble and call when provoked they can be fierce and fight any other pet in the compound. For more facts and information about parrotlets, visit

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