Tips when Selecting a Parrotlet as a Pet

15 Nov

5 inches are the average beak size and are very small while being energetic and courteous.  They have the ability to duplicate the human voice and words but are a bit difficult to understand.  The parrotlets living in the wild usually travel in flocks. 

When selecting a pet parrot there multiple ideas to consider.  Lifespan for a healthy parrot is very long.  Life engagement is required for taking care of the parrot and should be considered while making plans when a tragedy occurs.  Another characteristic for a parrot at is that it can be social and bit possessive and can become fond of you.  They may also be a bit selective like in the case of choosing one gender instead of the other.  Intelligence is trait of a parrot and being there for them will assist in developing emotionally.

Food is thrown around by the pet, and they are not organized.  Their use their beaks to shred anything they may come across.  If not properly trained they may poop everywhere which may annoy a lot of people but if you invested you can keep up with them.  Parrots make a lot of noise and have an impressive vocal range.

The parrotlets are very fun and should be okay with appropriate care and training.  Through the recommended practice they can be rectified their habit of screaming and making noise.  A balanced diet is required suitable for a parrot.  Vegatables fruits whole grains and a limited amount of meat eggs and cheese food can be given to them.  It is not advisable for parrots to be fed some diet like avocado and refrain from giving them salt and fats since it is not suitable for their health. To get more tips on how to select the best parrotlet, go to

For you to choose to keep the parrotlet in a cage it needs an appropriate setting.  Meaning the pens should have enough spaces for the parrot to stay perched comfortably.  Roaming outside the cage is essential for the parrot.

Supplies are required for the parrotlet to have fun and enjoyable time.  A fun thing to have for instance is a shower perch.  Having a few of them strategically placed in the shower so that the parrotlet can fly from one perch to the other is recommended.  For the parrot to absorb the steam this is the main reason.  To avert stains and tear in their clothes those people that like for the parrot to perch on their shoulders need a cape. 

A fun toy for your bird to play with is a bird toy necklace.  Since a parrotlet has a short stature different type of various colors are available.  For the parrotlet not to fly away when flying outside you should use a  bird harness.  For the parrot to breathe in the clean air since they produce dander like the other birds invest on an air purifier, click here to get started!

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